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We believe that as a sales based, commission driven industry a real estate broker’s number one goal is quite simple: To stay educated on market trends, rules, regulations & laws in order to earn client trust with knowledge and a commitment to excellence. 

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In Memory Of Dave Madle

Dave MadleFor those that knew and cared for him, yes sadly it is true, Dave Madle passed away on July 23, 2017.  He was a talented and avid dirt-bike rider and had a heart-attack while out having fun test driving a dirt bike with an upgraded suspension he wanted to put on his own bike. 

In his 20+ years as a Real Estate Broker Dave closed 1000s of transactions and mentored many fellow brokers on their paths to success, including me.  In the past ten years, Dave created and ran a successful Development company, Castle Dwellers, Inc. where quality was always the priority.   

Dave was a devoted husband and loving father unbelievably proud of the good men his sons had become. Dave's soft spot in life was his best friend and gorgeous wife Donna and when he talked about her his face would light up and in those moments I would believe that fairy-tales really do come true. 

Dave contributed his success to hard work which was driven by a relentless desire to provide for his family and to keep his word. He was a man of ethics, principal and integrity.  Back in 2014 we partnered to create a real estate brokerage that focused on those same principals so we could make a positive difference in the real estate industry.  

His memory will serve as a constant reminder of "why just be good when you can be great" as "Great" is  exactly what Dave was. 

 -Jennifer Pretty, Owner/ Designated Broker, Acquisition Real Estate