Jennifer Pretty

Founder/Designated Broker
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Jennifer Pretty is a Five Star Award Winning Real Estate broker and entrepreneur who holds Washington State’s highest-level real estate license. She is also a former paralegal with over 15 years’ experience working in the areas of real estate, business, estate planning and probate law.  Along with being mentored by several of Puget Sound’s top attorneys, Jennifer gained valuable corporate experience as a Real Estate Paralegal for Nordstrom, Inc. where she received the “Nordstrom All Star” award for her natural willingness to go above and beyond.

 Jennifer’s legal experience translated well upon switching her career focus to real estate sales and in 2014 she partnered with two developers to open First Choice Realty, LLC as an avenue to have a paid education in development and a forum to make a positive difference in the real estate industry.  Under her leadership First Choice organically grew and became one of the biggest brokerages in Snohomish proper while also maintaining exemplary records with the Department of Licensing and NWMLS.  

In late 2019 Jennifer successfully negotiated an acquisition of First Choice by a worldwide real estate company.  Immediately thereafter, Jennifer and her partners positively parted ways and she opened Acquisition Real Estate.

Real estate is not just her career, it is her calling. Jennifer uses extreme care and diligence in each transaction.  With Jennifer you get no false promises or gimmicks, only commitment, raw honesty and concreate factual information so that you can make informed investment decisions.