Brandi Castillo

Real Estate Broker/North Sound Specialist

With over a dozen years in real estate, I've got the experience and knowledge you need in a real estate professional. More importantly, I have integrity and genuinely care about my clients and their needs. I have a background in counseling and nonprofit, and what drives me is always helping people and making their lives better. I have worked from Pierce County to Island County to Skagit County yet the majority of my sales are in Snohomish County where I live. My husband and I own two homes ourselves and 3 that we own co-operatively as co-owners. I truly believe that real estate is the best way to invest your money. It's not only my "job" but also my passion. I work diligently for my clients, always making sure that a transaction goes as smoothly as possible and that my clients have the best possible experience. My job is to solve any problems that arise in the best and most timely manner, while protecting the needs of my clients and their transaction.